Recap 2017 CuteKid of the Year Arly

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As we approach the announcement of our 2018 CuteKid of the Year, we would like to recognize our 2017 CuteKid of the Year, Arly!

Arly is a sweet little girl that caught our judges’ attention in 2017 and went on to win the grand prize!
  • $25,000 college education fund
  • Trip to New York City
  • Photoshoot with Wai Ng
  • Personal landing page
  • Treasure chest of prizes
  • Tickets to a Broadway Show
We recently caught up with Arly’s mom to ask about her daughter’s experience as 2017 CuteKid of the Year!

  1. How did Arly react to the news of winning the CuteKid of the Year Contest?

She felt very happy and excited.


  1. What has Arly been up to since winning the contest?

Arly has been playing a lot in the neighborhood park, studying, visiting different places, and watching movies on her tablet.


  1. How has the CuteKid influenced Arly and your family?

It has been a fabulous experience. We are very happy with the CuteKid. Their whole team were very good people and my daughter had an unforgettable day with them. After winning the grand prize, Arly now has money to pay for university. In addition, she had a lot of fun, received many gifts, and had a wonderful trip to New York City all thanks to the CuteKid.

  1. What were your first thoughts about the CuteKid and its contests?

At first, I was wondering if the CuteKid was real or not… but later I realized that they are very real and amazing people.


  1. What was your main reason for entering the monthly contest?

From the moment I saw them on Facebook I really liked the work they do to help children.


  1. What advice would you give other parents looking to enter the CuteKid?

I advise all parents to enter their children into the Cutekid, they are fabulous and can change the future of a child every year.




Check out Arly’s CuteKid of the Year webpage as well:


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