Mommy Moments of the Week (May 3-9)

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Motherhood. It’s almost impossible to define because it encompasses more roles to champion than most moms ever even bargained for. One moment you’re a personal chef, the next, the food-picker-upper, to the monster-in-the-closet-investigator.

It’s a tough job that will test you on all levels, but one day, it will end.

When the kids move out!

Until then, you can  take comfort in these memes, knowing that other moms have had the exact same thoughts as you. You’re not crazy and you’re not alone!

Check out these memes of the week:

Why did I have you again?

Oh, that’s right, every now and then you do something adorable or whisper you love me before you fall asleep and then I forget about the hour-long tantrum you threw in the morning.


We’ve all been there.

The pile then moves to the chair, then the bed, then the chair again, until one of the kids lays in them and grabs something to rub the snot off their nose and then you have to wash them all over again.


mommy meme cooking

A ’round the clock type of job.

When is it appropriate to start charging them for rent and room service?


Kids: “Who decides when is the right time for anything, anyway?”

You: “Me, that’s who!”


At least it’s good to know you’re needed?

Note to self: Make sure daddy doesn’t know where absolutely everything is, in order to avoid him becoming the favorite.


But when I wake up…

It’ll surely be because someone wants food. Again…


dentist mommy meme

You sure it’s only necessary to go in every six months?

I swear I am getting a new cavity from all the candy I ate to prevent my kids from eating it.

funny mommy meme

If only everything excited us this much.

One thing that kids are good for is reminding us that there is still wonder and magic in our day to day lives.


baby pep talk meme

Listen to your inner child…

Is that why I can never fall asleep when I actually am supposed to?


The day crawling starts is the day you never poop alone.

RIP alone time.


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