Pinterest Picks: 10 Best Summer DIY’s to Keep Kids Busy

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The built-in babysitter that is school is almost out for the year, with summer coming faster than you can text grandma to please come and take the kids!

Summer means more free time. More bonding time. More cooking and cleaning time.

And, invariably, more questions like, “Mom, what are we going to do today?”

And more statements like, “MOMMMMM, I”M BORED!”

But, not this summer.

Here are some of our favorite DIY crafts from Pinterest that are affordable and easy, and more importantly, great for keeping boredom at bay.

1. Popsicles without the sticky.

popsicle DIY craft

Freezing little fingers? Try this easy to make DIY Popsicle holder craft to save little hands from freezing while they enjoy their chill treat! Just some sheets of colored felt, safety scissors, glue, maybe a googly eye or two and some imagination are required.

2. Recycle while tending to wildlife.

DIY craft birdfeeder

This Homemade Bird Feeder is so fun to make. Just grab one of those milk cartons your kids have polished off to introduce them to the wildlife in your backyard! No need to purchase anything new, you can make this birdfeeder with what you have at home like markers, crayons, stickers, glitter, etc. Kids will love helping and knowing they are giving birds a nice place to relax and eat!

3. Add some color to the garden.

painted rocks pin

Rocks found in the backyard are the perfect free canvas for kids to unleash their imagination! From ladybugs sitting on a leaf to fish in a newly painted “pond,” there’s no end to the possibilities of what your kids can make, accenting your walkways and yard with pops of color. This pin puts together great ideas for your kids’ rock art.

4. A new way to make cards and invitations.

balloon cards DIY activity

Balloons, not only fun for filling up with water and launching at the enemy, who knew they could be incorporated into your kid’s next art piece? Simple and fun, here is how to make balloon elephant cards (and also fish cards and anything else you can think of) for birthday party invites, thank you notes, and more!

5. Encourage your little Picasso with DIY puffy paints.

puffy paint DIY

The secret that Michael’s doesn’t want you to know… you can make puffy paint with everyday household items! Shaving cream, flour, water, freezer bags, and old squirt bottles are all you need. Learn how to make DIY puffy paint here.


5. Gimme s’more science!

DIY smores

Make your kids’ science teacher proud with this one… Did you think s’mores were just for beach bonfires and camping trips? Think again! This DIY project and deliciously rewarding activity will teach your children all about the science of cooking. Bring the fun of the outdoors right to your backyard or driveway!


6. Bring back the dinosaurs (and clean hands).

DIY dinosaur soap

Not sure what to do with the seemingly millions of mini dinosaurs in your kid’s toy collection? Make bath time and washing hands fun by hatching “T-Rex” in an egg of soap, as this pin by Buzzfeed will show you how.


7. Create patriotic poppers for July 4th.

Get ready for July 4th in style! A great alternative for those who are too young to handle sparklers, these poppers are easy to make (Maybe not so easy to clean up though!). Your little ones will love to watch their confetti fly everywhere with a satisfying popping sound. Learn how it’s done here.

8. Try a new spin on slip ‘n slides.

DIY water blob

These awesome DIY water blobs are perfect for a hot summer day spent outside splishing, splashing, and skipping through sprinklers with your kids! While you may have to assemble these on your own, your kids will thank you by bouncing around on them (Until they break!). Check out this pin to learn more.

9. Commemorate summer fun with seashells.

Planning to get to the beach this summer? Don’t forget to snap some photos and also collect some seashells to later paint and decorate a picture frame with. A creative and fun activity for both you and your kids, show them how to cherish your best summer moments together, thanks to this pin!

10. Bring the magic of fireflies to your yard.

firefly DIY

Remember the days of catching fireflies? Whether or not that is something your kids can do, they can still enjoy the whimsy of fireflies with this DIY project!

And there you have it, those are our 10 Pinterest DIYs projects that families can enjoy this summer! Have you found any others worth sharing?

Don’t forget to take tons of pics of your cutie with their crafts and enter a CuteKid contest for a chance to win big! 

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