Mommy Moments of the Week (May 17-23)

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Whether it’s never getting your kids to smile nice for the camera or to pick up their toys, there’s always something about the situation to look back at and laugh about later. Check out this week’s Mommy Moments memes!

Source: BlueBonnet Babies

Please give me the silent treatment! 🤫

Mommy just hates that.

jennifer lawrence mom meme

What a coincidence…

The dog toys stopped making annoying sounds too.

candy wrapper sound meme

How can they hear so much 👂

with their tiny little ears??

and then one day we decided meme
Source: Pinterest

Where can I get a time machine?

Really, it’s 2019 and the moms of the world haven’t figured this out yet?

beyonce mom meme

I’m “Crazy in Love.” 💛

With being your mama.

mom meme kids walking

Who knew you could bend like a 🥨?

Time to put you into gymnastics.

mommy google search meme

Doctor, something is wrong with me. 🤧

I have a two year old.

stay at home mom meme

I don’t even get to sit around and watch Ellen. 📺

Instead I get to watch Frozen and sing along to “Baby Shark”!

kid smile meme

Hey, mommy is trying to win you a college fund! 👨‍🎓

So smile nicely for the CuteKid of the Month contest! 📸

justin timberlake kids meme

Oh no… Not the lego! 🤦‍♀️

Better my kid than me. 😉


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