Tips & Tricks for The CuteKid People’s Choice Gallery

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You choose the winner!

The CuteKid Monthly Contest is voted on by modeling and talent industry professionals… but the People’s Choice Gallery is where you, your family and friends choose the cutest kids!

All photos uploaded to the CuteKid are eligible and submitted to the FREE People’s Choice Gallery.

A new gallery opens at the beginning of each month and the contest closes at 11:59PM EST the last day of the month. The photo with the most verifiable votes wins the $250 Grand Prize. We also select 4 runners up at random to receive a $50 prize! All runners up selected must have a minimum of 40 votes.

April 2019 People’s Choice Winners

April 2019 people's choice winners

Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get your cutie closer to winning the Grand Prize!

  • Enter at the beginning of the month! Remember, it’s completely FREE to enter. The earlier you submit your photo, the more time you’ll have to share your entry and get votes.
  • SHARE YOUR PHOTO! Share your photo with family and friends to get votes! You can share your entry via Facebook, or you can snag a copy of the link to your child’s profile and send it directly to loved ones.
  • SHARE SOME MORE! You do NOT need to be a member of The CuteKid in order to cast a vote! Share that photo of your cutie with everyone! You are permitted to cast a vote once every 24 hours so make sure you continue sharing and remind friends and family to vote every day.
  • Your vote counts too, so don’t forget to vote for your own CuteKid!
  • Increase your chances of winning by uploading more photos! There is no limit to the number of photos you can submit to the gallery.
  • Get at least 40 votes and your photo is eligible to be selected as one of our random Runners-Up!
  • While Snapchat and filters can be tons of fun, we prefer to see your CuteKid as he or she is! We offer users the option to caption any photos they upload, so any text you wish to add you can do so using that feature.
  • Make sure your votes are legitimate! The CuteKid verifies all votes to ensure their legitimacy, in the spirit of the contest. If we find evidence of illegitimate votes, your entry will be automatically disqualified.
  • A new gallery begins each month! Make sure you check back for more opportunities to win.
  • Don’t forget to redeem your FREE* 8×10 Canvas from our Friends at CanvasPeople!


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