Mommy Moments of the Week (June 7-13)

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Have you experienced any of these mommy moments?

Check out this week’s memes!

kids weekend meme
Source: Instagram – @mommywinetime

What happened to my social life?

When I think of the word party, I immediately think of bounce houses and bazookas.

mommy watching kids meme

Cool, go show daddy!

I’m sure he’ll be amazed.

potty taining meme

Oh no.

Mommy likes it when you use the potty!

kids hair meme
Source: Scary Mommy

Mommy is tired of getting bad looks. 🙄

Like from the other mommies when she drops you off at school.

mommy lies meme
Source: Instagram – @loud_momma

Motherhood: the invention of lying.

Good thing kids’ BS detectors don’t kick in til much later.

toddler meme

After the dog that is.

“Drop it… No… Drop it!!!” Who knew being a dog mom would prepare me to be a real mom?!

mom phone meme
Source: Scary Mommy


How am I supposed to get a cute pic of you like this?

ET kids meme
Source – Bad Parenting Moments

I swear my kid is from another planet. 👽

Where yes means no and no means yes.

iced coffee meme
Source: Instagram – @momdotme

If past 5pm, add some kahlua and ice, just in time for happy hour. 🍸

Waste not want not, right?

kids independence meme
Source: Scary Mommy

And this is why mommy has to do everything herself. ⏳

Did I create a human baby or a sloth baby?

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