From Your First to Fifth Kids Casting: 5 Tips to Stand Out Like a Pro

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By Donnella Tilery, a CuteKid Contest Judge and Founder of New Jersey Fashion Week

Casting directors see hundreds of hopefuls each day. It can be nerve-wracking no matter if it’s your first or fiftieth audition so here are a few tips on standing out as a professional model.

1. Arrive a bit early to the casting

Things happen such as bad weather, traffic, lack of parking or even a casting time change. Casting directors often have last-minute updates or even mishaps depending on their show or event. Missing a casting because you are lost in the city won’t make you seem like a dependable choice.

2. Dress like a model

Professional models wear either a black, nude, or white clean t-shirt and straight-legged dark blue jeans. I know you may be tempted, but keep her glittery princess gown or his favorite pirate outfit home. The casting team wants to see if the model fits their vision and the fewer distractions the better. Walking in the room with sunglasses implies a diva attitude and seems cheesy at best.

CuteKid of the Year, Rodney
CuteKid of the Year 2018, Rodney, dressed in his best

3. Teach your kids confidence and practice a simple walk

A teen model should be able to walk in 2-3 inch heels. Young male models wear shoes- tan, black or nude, not sneakers.  Please have them on when walking in the room, no one has time to wait for a nervous quick-change act. Casting directors on a deadline don’t have the patience or interest to coddle a child when there are so many kids waiting in the hallways.

4. Be prepared with a comp card

The comp card should be postcard sized with appropriate contact information including the parents’ name, email and phone number. Not to mention clothing and shoe sizes. In fashion, industry models do not give multiple photos to a casting team or designer.

kids comp card example
Source: Orlando Comp Cards

5. Don’t lie or brag about your experience

If your child is new that could be a plus for having them seen as a fresh face. If he or she is more seasoned then act like it by being polite and demonstrate the ability to follow directions well.

Starting out, you may have a few mishaps but don’t worry, just learn from them. Making sure your child is always safe and comfortable is important. Sooner or later there will be a breakthrough if you keep going.


We hope this helps you get ready for your next casting! Browse trusted casting calls on and don’t forget to enter our monthly contests, where your child’s photos are reviewed by industry leading casting directors, agency owners, photographers, and fashion week directors, like the author of this post, Donnella Tilery!



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