Mommy Moments of the Week (June 14-20)

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With the kids being home on summer break, it can feel impossible to keep anything clean! We found a hilarious bunch of memes for the mom who tries to keep it all together.

Source: Instagram – @pottytrainingconsultant

Summer forecast: total destruction.

Secure your valuables and set aside nice things…  a tornado is coming!

Source: Instragram – @therealramblinmama

Maybe, if you cleaned you room more, mommy would be nicer.

I don’t know, it’s just a thought!


Should have gone with the slip-ons.

Even if they’re hideous.

Source: Instagram – @parentinglikeaboss

We’ll get there.

Just keep poopin.

Source: Instagram – @wheretheeffismyhandbook

Guilty as charged.

The fastest way to tidy up a room full of clothes flung about!


News flash!

Dad can do just as much as mommy!

Source: Instagram – @mommymemest


Mom is going to need an hour, at least.


Yeah, you can say we’re a natural family.

Too natural.

Source: Instagram – @stamfordmommy

Who are we trying to kid?

An apology for anyone who has ever had to use a sticky shopping cart!


Mom forgives but never forgets.

When you are a lazy teen, I will blast music at 7 am on a Saturday.

And I am oh so looking forward to it!

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