Mommy Moments of the Week – Kids Takeover Edition

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Congrats! You’ve survived another long week and it’s Friday, which means we have a new Mommy Moments post filled with the BEST memes!

Except, this week, we’re turning it over to the kids! We’ve done a lot of complaining, laughing, and commiserating lately about how GREAT it is to be a parent. We figured (While this still is not a democracy!) it might be time to hear from the kids’ side of things. Just this once!

Here are some memes that you and your CuteKid may relate to:


This is why I never tell you anything!

I’m done talking now.


It wasn’t me… it was my brother! 👶

I don’t know what it was, but I know it wasn’t me.


This isn’t gonna be pretty.

What can I do to buy some more time?



Baby babble revealed.

It’s not just babble, it’s the scheming out loud of further mommy sleep deprivation tactics. 😆


So, you’d donate a kidney for me… 👩‍⚕️

But I can’t get a fiver??


The art of the fib. 😝

Learned it from you, mom… learned it from you!


Geez… Just trying to tell you something.

Like I did five minutes ago. And five minutes before that. It’s important!


Wait a second…

If you have my 👃 , how can I still smell?


My whole life is a lie!

Next thing I know, you’re going to tell me Santa isn’t real!


Okay, so maybe parents do also put their kids through a lot… but only because we love them!

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