Mommy Moments of the Week (Aug 9 -15)

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Last week, we gave it up for the kids in our Mommy Moments of the Week, but we are back to our usual “programming”!

Can you relate to these memes about being a mother or a parent?


Looks like we’ll be back here very soon. 👨‍⚕️

At least my kid’s immune system is getting stronger?


To much to do?

Best do nothing!


I don’t know for how long…

I can pretend to be interested.


Be scared. 😱

Be very scared.


Bye! Bye! Bye!

I’m doin’ this tonight.


Got it! 😆

And now you’ll never want “soda” again.


Every. Time.

How do I deactivate my baby’s “mommy is tired” radar?


I’ve been wearing the same yoga pants four days in a row now.

But my kids’ matching outfits are on point!


This bar is the bomb!

I hope they play some N’SYNC!


Let’s do this.

Another day, another adventure!

Is your kid a walking meme?

Got a hilarious shot of your kid? Don’t forget to enter this month’s Special Gallery Contest, “Make Me a Meme!”

meme special gallery contest

How it works: Upload a photo of your CuteKid with a funny or creative caption and the photo with the most votes wins!


1st Place wins $150

2nd Place wins $75

3rd Place wins $50

2 Random Entrants win $25

In addition to cash prizes the winners will be made into a meme-style image with their caption and posted on our website and Facebook!



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