Mommy Moments of the Week (Aug 16-22)

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Before sailing into the weekend (or crash landing), here are some memes to hopefully sustain you and remind you that it’s okay, parenting in the summer is super hard.

You are never alone!

Why does this script seem so familiar? 🍿

Oh yeah, it’s my life!


Haha! 😂

You’re cute.

These WILL fit!

If it’s the last thing I do.


You know I can’t stay awake through the whole thing anyways 😴

To nights spent falling asleep on the couch!

You do drunk online shopping 💰

I do sleep deprived and delirious online shopping.


Is this what they mean when they say parenting pays off?

Because now I get it!

Who wants pizza? 🍕

For just the fifth time this week?



Hmmm… That’s too bad 😏

Someone clearly needs me to put more veggies on their plate tonight for dinner! Don’t want your health to get worse.


Mommy wants some alone time.


What does I promise mean?

Nothing, clearly 😂

Enjoyed these memes? Don’t forget about our “Make Me a Meme” Special Gallery contest!


meme special gallery contest

How it works: Upload a photo of your CuteKid with a funny or creative caption and the photo with the most votes wins!


1st Place wins $150

2nd Place wins $75

3rd Place wins $50

2 Random Entrants win $25

In addition to cash prizes the winners will be made into a meme-style image with their caption and posted on our website and Facebook!



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