Mommy Moments of the Week – Dads Take Over Edition

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In this week’s mommy memes post, we’re switchin’ it up again. We found some memes about fatherhood that will surely make both dads and moms out there laugh!

Dads, can you relate to these?


For some reason, I still don’t think mom will be pleased…


$200 down the drain.

That was an expensive pop tart.

Sounds like a heck of a time!

Sign me up.


Those six pack abs are there. 🍻

Somewhere. (Under the six pack of beers I had last weekend!)

Oh no.

Such a shame.


So real.

It hurts.

This dad should be proud.

Dad joke execution went perfectly.


66% is looking at their mom for encouragement

when the other 33% is working out.

Butt sniffer.

That’s what I am. And I’m proud!


Being a dad?

Best job ever!


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