DIY Costume Inspo for your CuteKid this Halloween

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Looking for a last minute costume for your little one? Look no further! Here’s a few creative ideas you can put together yourself. Your CuteKid will love going Trick-or-Treating in these costumes.

Gumball Machine

A few pieces of felt, cotton balls and a red onsie are all you need to put this costume together! Plus your cutie will stay warm while out Trick-or-Treating.

Witch-y Tutu

Your little girl will love the pop of color in her new tutu skirt. With a witch hat, and striped stockings (or leggings) and any shirt in their closet this costume is so easy to put together!



Día de Muertos

This sugar skull mask is all you need for this costume to be a hit. Cut out a skull shape from a piece of cardboard and draw on a sugar skull! You can personalize with different colors or designs to make it unique. To make it into a mask hot glue or staple a headband to the back so your cutie can wear it all night.


Little Aviator

Make a set of plane wings for your cutie with a little bit of cardboard and some ribbon. Pair with a striped shirt and if you want a pair of aviator goggles to really tie it all together!


Russel from Up!

Put together this adorable costume with minimal effort. Easily make the sash with a bit of felt and different color circles to give the appearance of badges. Purchase a yellow shirt and hat and bandana around the neck to complete this costume!

Cutie Unicorn

Give your CuteKid the perfect unicorn costume by just creating a headpiece! Use a white styrofoam cone (can be purchased at any craft store) and adhere with hot glue to a favorite headband. Wear a white pant and shirt or white dress. Add her favorite color accessories to make it the perfect costume.


Super Hero

Make your cutie into a super hero! Pair leggings/jeans or a skirt/tutu with any t-shirt in their closet. Cut out a shape such as a star or lightening bolt out of felt and hot glue to the shirt. Pair with a cape and even a felt mask to complete the super hero look.

Rock & Roll Star

Make this adorable outfit for your CuteKid with a pair of boots or sneakers, skirt or jeans, and a denim vest or a bandana. Pair with a few rock & roll accessories like necklaces, bracelets or sunglasses. Don’t forget the foam guitar!


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