6 Activities To Keep Being Cooped Up Fun!

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Need some ideas to keep your kids entertained, mentally, physically, and emotionally? Here are 6 ideas to help keep you and the kiddos having fun from inside your home!

1. Have a FaceTime playdate.

Keep your kids connected and social with their friends, arrange a time for a group FaceTime with their friends from school.


2. Have an indoor scavenger hunt.

Hide clues around the house to reveal a special prize at the end! Make up little riddles to keep their minds engaged and hide them in different locations. The prize could be anything from exemption from chores for the day, or ice cream for dinner!


3. Turn trash into treasure.

Reuse those recyclables and let your kids have fun painting! Keep those creative juices flowing

Source: https://bit.ly/2y1bfms


4. Make some Simple Flying Birds

Simple Mechanics with Flying Bird Toys (Ages 5-16)

Experiment with the mechanics of levers by making these fun and cute bird toys for your room. Take the concept and try a couple of other critters as well!

Source: https://bit.ly/2xoEmjd


5. Read-A-Long with Cristina Mercer

This kindergarten teacher made a Youtube channel to read to children who are away from school right now. She’s reading popular books, so if you have them lying around your house, have you kids read along!

Youtube link: https://bit.ly/39etxh4


6. Our very own member of the CuteKid community had a great suggestion!

Samantha Horsey  wrote “Glow stick dance party . Laurie Berkner band https://youtu.be/vPrmY7labLA ( I added the link to a fun song). Pillow forts. Family talent show”


“Make a rain stick with beads instead of rice and paper towel left over roll.”


We hope you are enjoying your time with you family at home. Stay safe during this hard time!

Sending positivity from The CuteKid!

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